3 reasons why ColdChain beer matters

As explored by The BottleShop's Website Manager Charlotte Kimber.

Last year, we successfully crowdfunded for our ColdChain programme and now, thanks to our investors, we have a fully refrigerated warehouse storing our beer to a nippy 6°.

You, the lucky drinker, can enjoy the freshest beer tasting exactly as the brewer intended. Whether you are drinking in one of our bars, or ordering online, our beer comes to you with zero degrees of compromise.

But what exactly is all the fuss about?

1. ColdChain beer tastes better
Beer is a fresh, perishable product (just like milk). It hates heat and light so keeping it cold ensures it stays in the very best condition. Protecting beer means you get to taste all the nuances of the hops, just as fresh as when it left the brewery.

2. ColdChain beer reaches you quicker
We import beer both on refrigerated container ships and via air freight. This week sees us air-freighting from KCBC (King’s County Brewing Co.) in New York straight to our refrigerated London warehouse. The beer left the brewery on Monday 19th, arrived in the UK on Tuesday 20th and will be on the Bermondsey shelves on Wednesday 21st, less than a week after its official US release.
Freshly Landed Finback Cans

3. ColdChain beer opens doors
Committing to the ColdChain programme has opened doors to breweries that have never come to the UK before. Many US breweries in particular haven’t had the confidence that their beer would make it across the pond. Now, from Left Hand Brewing to Reuben’s Brews, we’re showcasing incredible breweries whose beers taste as good here as Stateside (and our American customers agree!).

In case you’re thinking this is just an American thing, it’s all the beer we showcase. Only last week we commissioned a refrigerated truck to deliver direct from Omnipollo. No one else cares for your beer like we do! And homegrown UK breweries are excited by what the ColdChain offers. Without the constraints of compromised delivery and storage, they can brew fresh and get it in consumers’ hands quicker than ever.

The next step is to fully refrigerate BottleShop: Bermondsey, meaning you’ll be able to pull any beer off the shelf and it will be perfect drinking temperature. With a bank of new fridges, it also means that all online orders will be ColdChain too. The plan is to launch this before summer so keep in the loop via our social media channels.

We hope you’re as excited by #ColdChain as we (and our breweries) are … beer has never tasted so good.

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