Amundsen: Hoptropolis 9% [330ml]

They say “So, who actually started this? Who planted the first seed and did they ever imagine a once-bustling metropolis overgrown by their own creation? Controlled hop fields now but a distant memory. The hop vines are trying to overpower and show their dominance in the food chain. The only way to fight back is to brew more beer that contains more hops. This is us doing our part to save humanity. A double dry hopped DIPA, jam packed with massive amounts of lupulin. Bitter, sticky hop love, hitting you in the face with a slap of dankness.”

We say “Sweet and over-ripe tropical fruit flavours with sticky resinous hops coating the mouth and a biting dank hoppy bitterness asserting itself in the close. It’s a small bottle and on the boozy side so one is enough and great for those who like their DIPAs on the more bitter than sweet side.”


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Amundsen: Hoptropolis 9% [330ml]
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