Brooklyn: Quintaceratops 10.9% [750ml]

They say "The Brooklyn Quintaceratops started life as a batch of our "prehistoric" quadrupel-style ale called Quadraceratops. Combining the traditional Belgian beer style with old-school Caribbean rum. Months in Trinidadian rum barrels and a victory lap in American bourbon barrels rendered the beer deeply funky like the rums of old, with flavours of tobacco, volcanic soil, and molasses. The first sip might raise your eyebrows, but like some other funktastic foods and drinks, Quintaceratops rewards the intrepid drinker with a wild ride."

We say "This is an ideal cellaring beer, in which with age notes of vanilla, oak and tannins will come to the front, with hints of leather and dark soy sauce. That's if you can't resist the temptation of this darkly spiced barrel aged Belgian, with its treacly sweet, yeasty boozy goodness!"



Style: Belgian Style
Country: US
Brewey: Brooklyn
ABV: 10.9%

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Brooklyn: Quintaceratops 10.9% [750ml]
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