The Bruery: Valise 13.6% [750ml]

They say "Valise is a wine-inspired sour ale with Viognier grapes and a gripping story. The Viognier grape varietal was near extinction in the 1960s, with cultivation down to only several dozen acres in the Rh??ne wine region in Southern France. But, thanks to the efforts of one maverick, the varietal was transported to a new frontier-California's Central Coast, where it began to flourish. And that's where our part in the story begins, nestled among the vines of Viognier at Camp 4 Vineyard. Hand-selected by Bruery Terreux Production Manager, Jeremy Grinkey, the harvested Viognier grapes were pressed nearby with our friends at Sans Liege. The juice was then transported to blend and ferment with a sour blonde wort at Bruery Terreux. Valise showcases the floral and stone fruit flavours that the fuller-bodied white wine is known for, all the while retaining the complexities of a wild, sour blonde ale. It's a distinct statement in both the wine and beer worlds, keeping the art of exploration and experimentation alive and well and very much close to home."

We say "Tart and crisp with the palate cleansing flavour of white grapes, whit a delicate sharpness mingling with the funky signature Terreux flavours. The main body of the beer is made of dough malts which keep the more citric and tart wine qualities in check, with an abruptly dry vinous finish. Reach for me when you're looking for a wine-like beer."

Country: US
Brewey: Bruery
ABV: 13.6%

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