Craft Work: Mixed Grain Grisette 5.5% [500ml]

They say “Grisette is a type of Belgian farmhouse ale, related to the Saison style. Native to the French speaking Hainaut region in Wallonia. Grisette was served to miners, often by young maids dressed in grey smocks - the supposed origin of the name. The grain bill often contained wheat, but we chose the ancient grain spelt, together with Gladfield's finest barley malt. We've been moderate with hops, choosing English and a noble variety. The yeast melds the grain and hops into a perfect refresher, after a hard day in the mine....or office....Enjoy! Unfiltered and unpasteurised in the traditional manner, for full flavour.”

We say “The complex 8 grains that make up the malt bill create layers of intricate flavour including rye, sweet brioche, spelt and Jacobs cracker. The hops lend grassy bitter and hoppy floral notes, with a delicate citric lemon twang that helps to cut through the doughy flavours.”


Country: New zealand
Brewey: Craft work
ABV: 5.5%

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Craft Work: Mixed Grain Grisette 5.5% [500ml]
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