Brewdog: Everyday Anarchy 10.3% [330ml]

They say “If we could sum up Everyday Anarchy in one sentence, it would probably be ‘it doesn’t have to make sense’. Take everything you were expecting about this beer, and file it under 'I' for 'Irrelevant'. This French white wine barrel aged imperial saison (the sibling of Black Jacques, which was a black saison aged in red wine barrels) has a plethora of intertwining aromas and flavours.  On the nose, there’s raisin, caramel, sherry notes, apricot, plum; a fruit punch explosion from your glass, mixed with the presence of some sophisticated alcoholic aromas. On the palate, there’s a running battle for dominance between bitter, sweet and sour. Peach melba, redcurrant, sour plum, spice, syrup, chewy toffee; the list goes on. Like a strange, slightly unkempt, aristocratic bear with an accent you recognise but just can't quite place, this beer will bewilder and intrigue. “

We say “Plucked from the cellar we have a handful of these imperial saisons aged and ready for you to enjoy. Wafts of sweet caramel escape the bottle and it’s the first flavour to envelope your mouth. After caramel follows flavours of raisins, fig, plum, earthy barrel tones, a bright lactic tartness, spice and yeast. A sipping saison with a depth of flavour which encourages you to dive into the bottle.”

*One per customer*


Country: Scotland
Brewey: Brewdog
ABV: 10.3%

Regular price £15.00

Brewdog: Everyday Anarchy 10.3% [330ml]
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