Bruery: Humulus Terreux 6.3% [750ml]

They say “Sometimes nature takes its course. Other times, we guide it. Humulus Terreux is a wild, India pale beer that gives us the best of both worlds. Nature lends us the wild yeast, which we harness for a 100% Brettanomyces fermentation to impart notes of barnyard funk and earth, plus an active mouthfeel and a dry, signature finish. We complement these qualities derived from the brett by selecting a certain aromatic and flavour profile we want to achieve from hops. In this instalment, we feature Mosaic hops, which contribute a little more sunshine to the funky, pale brett beer, in addition to juicy, tropical and berry fruit flavours.”

We say “Each batch of Humulus Terreux will taste slightly different, with the herby, floral and grassy hops flavours pronounced. Cracker and grain malts form the base and a funky earthiness coming in waves. A great dinner table beer that pairs well with simple salads and new potatoes.”


Country: US
Brewey: Bruery
ABV: 6.3%

Regular price £13.60

Bruery: Humulus Terreux 6.3% [750ml]
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