Brasserie 3 Dames: Saison Citron - Framboise 6.5% [750ml]

They say “Raspberries and lemon zest came together in oak to forge this tart and fruity farmhouse beer. The base beer, composed of unmalted wheat and malted barley, was fermented with a blend of saison yeasts, Belgian witt yeast, and our house lactobacillus. The flavours contained in this beer were made to be together and beg to be shared with friends and family alike. “

We say “The raspberry tartness asserts itself from the get go, with their jam-like sweetness helping to balance the sharper notes. There is a lemony twang and zest against a strong malty backbone. The lactobacillus adds a creamy yoghurt quality against the fruity flavour, keeping it light on the body so it glides down a treat.”


Country: Switzerland
ABV: 6.5%

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Brasserie 3 Dames: Saison Citron - Framboise 6.5% [750ml]
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