Firestone Walker: Feral One 6.7% [375ml]

They say “We humbly offer you Feral One brewed as our Fourth anniversary celebratory beer.  Feral One is an annual blend of our best efforts, from hand-selected well-aged barrels, chosen by the Masterblender and Barrelmaster.    An earthy funky nose gives way to complex ester notes of dried apricots, strawberry, guava and slight orange zest.  Toasted mature oak, lavender, vanilla and cinnamon lurk in the background.   A mouth-watering acidity and soft tannins are punctuated by a firm carbonation.  Savour now, or age longer for a special occasion.”

We say “We are relishing the ColdChained delights from Firestone Walker’s Barrel Programme. This has an assertive acidic fruit tartness, with apricots the dominant fruit flavour. Earthy notes of vanilla and wood are in the background and it will take you a few sips to adjust and pick out the lavender but it’s worth it! This is a sour beer to relish during an indulgent evening.”


Country: US
ABV: 6.7%

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Firestone Walker: Feral One 6.7% [375ml]
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