Firestone Walker: Sour Opal 7.7% [375ml]

They say “We’ve patiently waited for two years to offer you this exquisite ale!  Sour Opal retraces its roots to the lambic cellars of the town of Brussels and the Senne River valley, in Belgium.  This American ’Gueuze’ represents a spectrum of flavours from a traditional barrel aged sour ale, complete with aromas of aged cheese and a distinct earthy mustiness that can only be found in a well cellared sour beer. The complexity and balanced flavours of Sour Opal can be attributed first to the crisp assertive tannic acidity of the Viognier barrels. Oak-derived flavours and aromas mingle with guava, passion fruit, pineapple and tart cherry notes. This beer rounds out with a crisp clean and quenching acidity as well as a mild grape fruitiness that is intensified by a higher carbonation level.”

We say “This plays on the palate with a cacophony of flavours, sparkling brightly like an opal. It has that natural vineyard yeasty speckled grape flavour, sharp lemon and lime, drying oaky notes and a tropical fruity twist. We can imagine sipping this whilst devouring a cheese board on a lazy Sunday afternoon!”


Country: US
ABV: 7.7%

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Firestone Walker: Sour Opal 7.7% [375ml]
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