Jester King: Detritivore 5.5% [750ml]

They say “Detritivore is made by taking the spent cherries used in Montmorency vs. Balaton and refermenting them a second time with a younger beer. The inspiration for this beer comes from a beer made by Cantillon pre-Jean Van Roy in which they refermented the cherries initially used for their Kriek creating a new beer with a lighter cherry flavour. This process was used for Detritivore with our spent cherries. We also use this process of refermenting other types of spent fruit in beers including spent raspberries for La Vie en Rose. We find the second use of the fruit tends to result in a beer that still exhibits the colour, aroma, and flavour of the fruit but in a more subtle manner. Detritivore is named for an organism that commonly plays the role of the decomposer, consuming what would normally be seen as waste.”



Country: US
Brewey: Jester King
ABV: 5.5%

Regular price £27.00

Jester King: Detritivore 5.5% [750ml]
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