Jester King: Omniscience & Proselytism 5.3% [500ml]

They say “Our barrel aged sour beer refermented with Texas-grown strawberries from Marburger Farms and Engel Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas! This is our fifth ever blend of O&P, as the beer has become known. Strawberries are a tricky fruit to work with. For one, their character can be fairly subtle. On top of that, we believe that when heavily processed, they can lead to flavours that present as plastic-y, medicinal or otherwise artificial. In our experience, zero processing is what helps create the flavour and aromas we're proud to present. We simply take the strawberries from the farm stems and all, put them inside a foudre (large oak tank), add mature barrel-aged beer, then let the fruit refermentation occur. It's just that simple. Aside from doing punch-downs to get good colour and flavour from the fruit and to prevent any acetic (vinegary) character from development, we just let nature take its course! Finding a natural, delicious product like Hill Country strawberries, then otherwise getting out of the way is key! For our 2018 blend, we added 2,000 pounds of strawberries to about 3,000 litres of barrel-aged beer, which is a ratio of about 2.5 pounds per gallon. We refermented the strawberries in April, then packaged O&P in late May.”

*one per customer*


Country: US
Brewey: Jester King
ABV: 5.3%

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